Repairing a Damaged Tile Shower

Is The tile in your shower in need of replacing?

Follow the DIY Network’s step-by-step instructions to fix it yourself!


Remove Walls

Remove any cubical walls or shower screens before you start so that you have full access to the tiles.


Scrape Away Loose Tiles

Use a scraper and remove any tiles with decayed grout.


Cut a Line

Cut a line at half-tile’s width on the sound drywall.


Use a Drywall Saw

A drywall saw may be helpful for cutting through studs.


Remove Old Hardware

Use the claw of a hammer to remove old hardware from the studs.


Add Cement-based Board

Cut a piece of cement-based, water-resistant board to size, and screw it onto the studs.


Seal the Edges

Seal around the edges of the board with latex caulk using a caulk gun.


Use Fiberglass Tape

Apply fiberglass tape to the joint between the new and old boards using tile adhesive.


Apply New Tiles

Apply tile adhesive and tile over the areas to match the existing tiles, then regrout.

Check out DIY Network’s how-to steps to repair damaged shower tiles.