Considering A Home Renovation In Vernon?

Choosing The Best Flooring For Your Home Renovation In Vernon, BC

If you’re in Vernon and have decided it’s time for a home renovation, flooring is the top-of-the-mind consideration. Flooring plays a huge role. It’s not only functional but fashionable. Choosing the best flooring begins with finding the best supplier and the right team to install it. At the Tile Guy, we take into consideration your preference, budget, and desired placement when helping you make the right decision.

Best Flooring for Home Kitchen Renovations: At the Tile Guy we know kitchens. When it comes to kitchen flooring you want it to be safe, durable, attractive, and low maintenance. With our wide selection, we can help make your kitchen stand out.

Best Flooring For Home Bathroom Renovation: Bathroom flooring should be suited for the conditions it faces. Top of mind for bathrooms is moisture. Solid hardwood is a poor choice for bathrooms. Vinyl Tiles or Planks on the other hand provide an inexpensive option for bathroom renovations & is waterproof. Durability for these is based oftentimes on installation. But tiles remain the most popular option for bathroom renovations. We know tiles, it’s in our name! When looking for tile for your bathroom you can trust us.

Best Flooring For Home Family Room Renovation: The family room is where we come to relax and find comfort. You need to choose the flooring that reflects the room’s style and decor. Solid hardwood is a great option as it is highly durable and very attractive. Coming in a broad range of appearances and styles. Engineered wood flooring is a more modern option, identical in appearance to hardwood, it is created to withstand temperature changes and provides years of durability. Carpet continues to be an option, though it has been declining in usage in recent years. But there are cases when a carpet is the way to go. When thinking of renovating your family room, think Tile Guy!